Natural Facial Care

These products are a selection of our favorite skincare at Herban Wellness, either created by us (the Facial Oils and Acne Clear Serum, for example) or by other small, herbally-infused, conscious skincare companies. Primarily we carry products from Super Salve Company and Power Repair, which are sister companies based out of New Mexico, using all-natural, plant-based, herb-infused ingredients. We also carry a few lovely skin creams by Island Thyme, a company based out of the San Juan Islands here in the Pacific Northwest.
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Power Repair Face Cream
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Power Repair Face Mist
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Power Repair Lighten and Brighten Serum
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Power Repair Skin Serum
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Power Repair Sunscreen, SPF 15
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Power Repair Vitamin C Solution Lotion
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Rose Rejuvenation Face Cream
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