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Herban Wellness strives to provide access to information on health and how to achieve your healthcare goals, whether that is to support your body's return to health or to achieve a more energetic and optimal health.


Our Herbal Tea Blends have been formulated by Katya Difani to support common health needs and are blended in-house out of high-quality, Organically Grown or Wildcrafted Herbs. These blends are sold loose and can be steeped or decocted (simmered) as per the instructions on each label.

Recover & Repair Tea

A blend of herbs for reducing inflammation & improving circulation.

$6.00 per 2.5 OZ bag

Refreshing Mineral Tea

A blend of mineral rich herbs and mint.

$6.00 per 3 OZ bag

Slim Down Tea

A blend of herbs that stimulate metabolism and support adrenals and kidneys to support healthy weight loss.

$7.00 per 2.5 OZ bag

Soothing Cough Tea

A blend of herbs to calm a cough and soothe the lungs.

$6.00 per 2.5 OZ bag

Stress Adaptation Tea

A blend of herbs to support adrenal glands and energy levels.

$7.00 per 2.5 OZ bag

Tummy Tea

A blend of herbs for healthy digestion.

$7.00 per 2.5 OZ bag